SVR - Can't use the bathroom at the turlock goodwill


i needed to use the bathroom at the goodwill in turlock california..i waited to ask the cashier for a bathroom key and as she was the only employee in sight and serving a fairly long line up of customers she graciously announced my dilemma over the intercom to the entire store...requesting a staff member to open the washroom door for me...after about 5 minutes which felt like 15 minutes a tall dark haired fellow wearing a florescent vest wandered out from the back with a bathroom key ..wherupon he gave me a cordial nod and opened the bathroom door and went inside closing the door behind him before i could go in...he didn't come out for a long enough time that i gave up and asked my partner to put her considerable items for purchase back on the shelf so we could leave and find another washroom somewhere else...needless to say i sure hope you guys never get into any locations in Canada where i am from ..not only do they allow people to use the bathrooms there all by themselves..they don't have require their employees to wipe the customers *** either

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London, England, United Kingdom #808196

Canada sucks! I should know, I had the misfortune of living there.


This is actually pretty *** funny. :grin

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